Government cannot “Grant” Divorce

In a free country where the right of free association is respected,

“government cannot “grant” you a divorce, it can only recognize the reality of your choice.”


Individuals are free to form and dissolve associations of all kinds at their pleasure. While it takes two to form an association, that association dissolves at the sole pleasure of either individual. This is the risk we all take in getting married.

The government cannot make people associate or be married, it can only use force to enslave.


If you want to protect your freedom, start by changing your language.


If you don’t want government to be your master, don’t use the language of slaves.


If you divorce, file a petition for the government to formally recognize your free association choice. Do not ask their permission. Do not give them grounds or excuses. Simply say, I made a free association choice to dissolve my marriage as is my First Amendment right. I call on you as a government official to recognize the exercise of this right so that government records can reflect reality.

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