The Policy Center is an organization created to bring core American values of freedom, rule of law, and respect for families into the family law systems of the fifty states.

American values protect families and respect the privacy of families in the many different forms that families take. We believe that children are best protected by having fit parents where the state respects parental rights and parental authority. While the village may contribute to the raising of children as a community value, it is the absolute right of parents to decide what village their children will be raised in and to take their children out of that village if it teaches values they do not approve of.

We believe that fit parents are better situated to determine what is right for a child than any government official, even judges. We believe that unless the government proves a parent to be unfit with proper due process of law, the government has no business whatsoever interfering in the private business of the families except where absolutely necessary to protect the equal rights of each parent.

We believe that a child's best interest is protected when each of their parent's rights are protected, enabling each parent to fulfill their duty and responsibilities to the child to develop, nurture, and provide care for the child directly. We believe children do better when they have the opportunity to be developed by two parents. We believe that when parents are not married to each other and/or do not live with each other that children still do better if each is a full and equal parent to the child. We do not believe that the rights American parents enjoy to their children come from the marriage nor do we believe they are dependent upon marriage between the parents in any way. The government has no legitimate reason whatsoever to interfere with the parent-child relationships based on parents being unmarried, divorced, or married to each other. We believe that the government has no legitimate reason for restricting or placing injunctions or gag orders on any parent because they disagree with the other parent's lawful parenting style, preferences, values, beliefs, or choices. We believe the only proper role of the courts in these matters is to protect the rights of each parent equally, and that this protects the children's right to be protected by each of their fit parents and that these fit parents independent of the other have the right to determine the best interest of the child during their possession times.

We believe that the best and ultimate legal standard for American values is found in the United States Constitution. We are dedicated to ensuring that every state family law system embraces the United States Constitution as its guiding legal principles and that they do nothing at all that goes outside the boundaries set by the Constitution.

Therefore, our mission is to: Ensure that every state’s family law system adheres to guiding American legal principles and the rule of law where the United States Constitution is the supreme law of America.

* Advocates for violating the Constitution in family law make many false arguments. The foundation of all these arguments is that the state's desire to protect children from divorced or single fit parents, who disagree with each other, justifies discarding our guiding American legal principles. Basically, they are saying that neither parent nor children get the protection of the constitution in family law. We believe this is wrong and we demonstrate how the federal courts say this is wrong. The state has legitimate and awesome power to protect children from real harm. It does not have any legitimate authority to ignore constitutional guarantees. The federal courts have clearly said that interfering with the parent-child relationship hurts children. This means when the state fails to protect the rights of the parents independent of the other, the state fails to protect the child since each of these parents use these rights to protect the child from the court's influence and interference with the child's private family life. This means that family law courts are hurting children every day.