NFLPC Educational Workshop in Iowa

We have a groundbreaking workshop this month, on April 26, 2019. This workshop will be taught in Iowa at the East Side Library in Des Moines, Iowa hosted by FUAN. All attendees will receive two workbooks (possibly three)*, a copy of Dr. Roseman’s new “Preserving Family Ties” workbook companion and Ron and Sherry’s workbooks licensed to NFLPC’s Iowa workshop. Click here to reserve your spot and workbooks.

You will experience two very different teaching styles with very distinct messages but with one ultimate goal improving family outcomes. Dr. Roseman’s program approaches this through wraparound services and Sherry and Ron’s program approaches this through the use of constitutional protections.

Teaching this workshop will be the following presenters:

Mark David Roseman
Mark David Roseman, Ph.D., CFLE is a child custody consultant, Certified Family Life Educator, mediator and expert speaker on contemporary family issues, particularly high conflict divorce, and co-parenting. Most notably, Dr. Roseman served as Assistant Director for Child Access Services (1999-2006) for the Children’s Rights Council in Washington, DC. where he closely assisted joint custody pioneer, David L. Levy, whose public advocacy and legislative testimony for joint custody led to shared parenting statutes in over 30 states.

Dr. Mark Roseman will be debuting and teaching from his new workbook created as a companion to his “Preserving Family Ties: An Authoritative Guide to Understanding Divorce and Child Custody for Parents and Family Professionals” book published last year and available in Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.


Dr. Roseman is a divorced dad of three and founder and CEO of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, a comprehensive family service agency based in Florida and centered around the needs of families when parents choose to separate. The Toby Center genesis began during Roseman’s doctoral research and was confirmed by his work with single, separated, divorced and never married parents. He found child outcomes are maximized when multiple social, therapeutic and court services can be provided through a wraparound service delivery mode. A Certified Family Life Educator, and Family Court Mediator, Dr. Roseman has worked with children and parents since 1998 when he became an advocate for joint custody. He worked closely with David L. Levy, Esq., co­founder and then President of the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) in Washington, DC. From 2002 to 2008, Roseman served as Assistant Director for Child Access Services for the CRC, developing curriculum and training for the CRC national supervised visitation program. Dr. Roseman frequently quotes America’s foremost pioneer in child psychiatry, Dr. Karl Menninger who stated that “What children see at home, they will do in society.” With that philosophy in mind, he created The Toby Center with a focus that assisting parents to be more confident and satisfied, they will then see that their children will have a better opportunity to thrive. Dr. Roseman is a motivational speaker, and specialist on high conflict divorce, parental alienation, and co-parenting. He is a contributor to the Huffington Post Online, and is a former columnist for Knight Ridder Tribune (2002-2005) where his column, Family Matters was published in 400 newspapers. He believes that we have opportunity to break through trauma when we can find validation, and humor. He earned his Ph.D. in Family Studies from the Union Institute & University.

Sherry Palmer

Sherry Palmer will be teaching from a workbook she created specially for this workshop.

Ron B Palmer speaker
Ron B Palmer

Ron Palmer will be teaching from a workbook that includes parts from some of his newest books.

NFLPC Announces Workshop in Iowa with special guest Dr. Roseman

The National Family Law Policy Center (NFLPC) will be in Iowa to teach a workshop on Iowa policies and their impact on family rights on April 26, 2019. This workshop will immediately follow FUAN’s Parental Alienation Awareness Day (PAAD), Bubbles of Love, event the preceding day April 25, 2019. FUAN is hosting this workshop so be sure to visit their nonprofit website and check out all of the Iowa Family Law Reform.

an educational Family Law Reform workshop led by Ron and Sherry Palmer. This event will take place on Friday, April 26th (the day after Bubbles of Love) at Des Moines Eastside Public Library from 1:15pm – 5:15pm.

The NFLPC workshop for Iowa will be teaching about court-induced parental alienation™ as an extension of the bubbles of love event and to help Iowans understand parental alienation in the context of the system, how the court process is separating children from their parents, and leading to epidemics of violence, health crises, and devastation. You will learn about policies, cultural practices, and economic impacts. You will learn how the family law process is deeply affecting your local communities, businesses, and family structures.

You will also see a preview of some of the course content being prepared to train attorneys to use Constitutional framework. It is the Constitution that limits a judge’s power to interfere with your fundamental parental rights and your children’s rights. It is the legislation that adds additional guides for your judge. When legislation oversteps the bounds set by the Constitution. You will get to review a piece of legislation as we walk you through some of the history and the constitutional correction.

It is your attorney’s job to make constitutional arguments for you. This has not been happening for parents and children. So one of the Policy Center’s goals is to make available constitutional education in the context of the family law legal process, provide an education about the constitution, and how it can be applied to the court system and improve the results in divorce, reduce court conflict and fear in separation.

When the constitution is violated children and parents are harmed. This workshop will teach you about these harms, and provide compelling reasons and practical tools for you to go out into your community and use what you learn to repair and protect the damage that family law practices are causing.

The Policy Center workshop is a project that Ron and Sherry Palmer have been developing and delivering throughout the United States. The goal of the project is to provide communities with awareness, education, and tools to change policies and practices that violate the right to be free from government interference and influence. The workshops educate on the constitution, its interpretation, and teaches how to adapt the constitutional concepts to everyday life. The focus is on family law reform.

We hope that you will join us at this workshop. It will be a wonderful encore to the Bubbles of Love event happening at the state Capitol (west grounds) on April 25th.

*Content and topics covered at workshops are subject to change. Persons teaching the workshops are subject to change. Additional persons may teach at workshops without prior announcement. The number of workbooks printed and distributed are cost dependent. If you have not registered in advance you might not receive any workbooks.