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Family Law Policy Center

The Policy Center's goal is to encourage every state to adopt family law policies that adhere to The Center's guiding legal principles and the rule of law where the United States Constitution is the supreme law of America.


JUDICIAL GOAL: The Center's judicial goal is to ensure that courts embrace their duty to to affirmatively apply procedural protections for the rights at issue in family law proceedings.

          LEGISLATIVE GOAL: The Center's Legislative goal is for Legislators to realize the importance of adapting family codes to the constitutional realities of the 21st Century and to provide statutory procedural protections for family law disputes between fit parents.

          FAMILY GOAL: The Center's goal for parents and attorneys is to raise their awareness of family rights, protections for these rights, and how to defend these rights in court.


Our Mission

The mission of The Policy Center is to create fair, just, constitutionally compliant, and efficient civil court systems addressing family issues related to divorced and single parents through advocacy, policy reform, and education. We provide scholarship applied to sound policy to help state's effectively and efficiently provide justice in family law codes and public policies. This work is designed to bring family law into the 21st century and to ensure children of all fit parents receive the opportunity of having two loving supporting parents in their lives.

          IN SUPPORT OF STATES: The Center works to identify policy and legal presumptions embedded in family code statutes that are vulnerable to federal review and recommends changes that reduce this vulnerability. The Center evaluates proposed family law legislation and provides education on the constitutional soundness of the proposed legislation. The Center provides training for Legislators, Judges, Executive Agencies, policy staff, and attorneys historical presumptions in family law and the constitutional changes over the last 50+ years that impact those presumptions.

          IN SUPPORT OF PARENTS: The Center works to reduce the damaging effects of the current family court process on parents and their children, to protect the freedom and authority of each fit parent, to reduce the number of criminal records being created by this process, to reduce the potential for legal abuse, and protect civil rights and dignity of parents and children, so that parents can continue to be fully productive citizens, continue to contribute to the development of their children, and participate fully in their communities. We work towards policy changes that will provide certainty and security for parents and for children that even when a marriage between parents fails, the children will not lose a fit loving parent, and certainty that the system will not bankrupt the child's parents. We provide information based on sound research that will help you and your attorney defend your rights and your child's rights in family court

We work to assist like minded government officials who are interested in making their family law systems more constitutionally compliant, more just, and more humane.

The Policy Center's mission is to encourage every state to adopt family law systems that adhere to The Center's guiding legal principles and the rule of law where the United States Constitution is the supreme law of America. We provide policy, publications, and tools designed to bring awareness of these guiding legal principles to all branches of state and federal governments, to attorneys, and to lay people who seek to improve the family law systems in their states.