A Parental Rights Bill in Texas HB 2756

HB 2756 annotated preview

Texas has an opportunity to become the first state to pass a law that is closer than any other state law to truly integrating constitutional parental rights protections language into their Family Code. On Wednesday the JJFI committee will be hearing public comment on a parental rights protection bill, HB 2756. This bill is great…

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Texas Holding Public Hearing on Proposed Gender Identity Bill

6 year old boy

Texas lawmakers are considering a gender identity bill that would protect parents who do or do not want their children to identify as a gender other than the one they were born with. Both parents beliefs are protected and cannot be punished. For parents like Jeffrey Younger who has refused to affirm his son’s gender…

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Texas is leading the states with protection of parental rights proposed bills for 2019!

Texas legislators are listening and responding to parents complaints that their children have been harmed by violations of their parental rights where the courts have been using statutes the legislators passed to violate fundamental rights of children and their parents unconstitutionally. To correct this problem several proposed bills have been introduced by Senator Hughes and…

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