Texas Committee Chair Confronts TFLF with “What is Best Interest”

Representative Dutton, chair of the Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues, explained that the Juvenile Justice & Family Issues committee was created in 1995 during the 74th session under Speaker Pete Laney. Prior to that time the family code was addressed by the Judicial Affairs Committee. In 2009 this committee was abolished. Then in…

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Illinois Creates a New Way to Calculate Child Support

“Up until now, Illinois has followed the “Percentage of Income” model of child support, calculating support based on a flat percentage of only the non-residential parent’s income without any consideration of the residential parent’s income.” Illinois is getting ready to join 39 other states where income calculations will not be based on both custodial and…

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No Discrimination Based on Marital Status

I was reading a new proposed bill in Iowa that changes a current statute to require joint custody and was again struck with how desperately unconstitutional family law statutes are in many states. In Texas, the statutes are written very craftily to avoid direct contradictions of well-established constitutional principles.  One of those constitutional principles is…

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